[E86] Connected Parenting: Why We Believe In It

Episode 86 May 31, 2022 00:49:33
[E86] Connected Parenting: Why We Believe In It
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E86] Connected Parenting: Why We Believe In It

May 31 2022 | 00:49:33


Show Notes

If you're choosing to parent differently - you're going to hear about it. Friends and family have questions, onlookers give you free advice - it can be overwhelming to say the least. It's helpful, therefore, to pause every now and then and ask yourself: Why do I do this? 

After over 3 years of research, writing and editing, the ETC Team has completed a re-write of our 9 week Parenting Course and we can't wait to tell you all about it. We thought we'd take some time, however, and re-establish the 'why' behind this way of parenting. 

Tona Ottinger, Becca McKay and JD Wilson pause to talk about they 'why' in connected parenting. Join us as we examine the paths that brought us here and the connecting practices that guide us in parenting in this episode of the ETC Podcast!

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