[E78] Changing Systems: Trauma Informed Education with Becca McKay

Episode 78 April 05, 2022 00:37:58
[E78] Changing Systems: Trauma Informed Education with Becca McKay
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E78] Changing Systems: Trauma Informed Education with Becca McKay

Apr 05 2022 | 00:37:58


Show Notes

How do educational systems change? How can educators, administrators and parents/caregivers partner together to help meet the unique needs of every child in school? We've asked Becca McKay, long time school social worker and Dean to come help us begin to unpack some big picture and practical ways to start the trauma informed journey in your school.
Tune in to hear some practical advice for anyone working in education and stay tuned in as we turn the conversation toward parents and caregivers to share how they can effectively advocate for their children's needs to be met in appropriate and compassionate ways
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