[E87] Connecting Practice: Be Curious!

Episode 87 June 07, 2022 00:43:18
[E87] Connecting Practice: Be Curious!
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E87] Connecting Practice: Be Curious!

Jun 07 2022 | 00:43:18


Show Notes

Today we begin walking through all of the connecting practices from our new parenting curriculum called Cultivate Connection! We begin with one of the most foundational practices in this form of parenting: Being Curious. SO often we jump immediately to assigning blame or emotionally reacting to situations or behaviors we encounter as parents...when sometimes what's needed is to put on the detective hat first. What could be behind this behavior? Have we eaten enough today? Has this child been couped up all day without an outlet to move their bodies? Could this be a product of their history - or mine??

All questions that are imperative to begin asking if we are going to parent our children through the lens of connection and attachment. Dr. Rachel Peterman and Becca McKay join us to walk through just how to begin changing our courses of action in today's episode!

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