[E110] Expanding our Understanding with Birth Mother Ashley Mitchell

Episode 110 November 08, 2022 01:05:25
[E110] Expanding our Understanding with Birth Mother Ashley Mitchell
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[E110] Expanding our Understanding with Birth Mother Ashley Mitchell

Nov 08 2022 | 01:05:25


Show Notes

Remember that social media post you made years ago? The one that just popped up in your timehop or Facebook memories and reminded you of just how ignorant you USED TO be? We all have those posts and today on the show we have a brilliant guest to remind us that we can celebrate the gift of growing, learning and changing perspectives.

Ashley Mitchell, or @bigtoughgirl as she's known on Instagram, is a leader in the adoption advocacy space and a fierce defender of birth mothers in the adoption constellation (or 'triad' - more on that in today's episode), of which she is one herself. Today, Ashley joins us to share about the incredible work being done in a variety of sectors in the adoption world, how she's working to bring an end to human trafficking of adoptees and so, so much more. 

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