[E68] The Fight Stress Response: “I Won't - And You Can't Make Me!"

Episode 68 January 25, 2022 01:13:21
[E68] The Fight Stress Response: “I Won't - And You Can't Make Me!"
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[E68] The Fight Stress Response: “I Won't - And You Can't Make Me!"

Jan 25 2022 | 01:13:21


Show Notes

The Stress Responses - chances are, you've heard of them - Fight, Flight and Freeze...well, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually 4 stress responses ("Fawn" is the fourth - don't worry, we'll cover it in great detail in a few weeks) and we are taking the next several weeks to do deep dives into each of them! We'll look at how you can support both yourself and those you love IN those responses! Today, we dive into the "Fight" Response.

Those who identify with a fight stress response have learned to step up to the plate to protect themselves. This instinctive reaction often sends them into an aggressive, sometimes attack mode to fend off the danger they face - real or perceived. What's the best way to support someone with a fight response? You'll have to listen in to find out! JD, Becca and Tona walk through everything from what a stress response is to how to support those you love in the middle of those 'fight' responses. 

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