[E99] We're all Human: Rethinking How Trauma Impacts Us All

Episode 99 August 23, 2022 00:44:00
[E99] We're all Human: Rethinking How Trauma Impacts Us All
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E99] We're all Human: Rethinking How Trauma Impacts Us All

Aug 23 2022 | 00:44:00


Show Notes

We talk about the effects of trauma a lot on the ETC Podcast - in fact - it's woven into almost everything we talk about at Empowered to Connect. One question, though: what IS trauma? How and why does it infiltrate humanity the way it does? We brought Becca McKay and Tona Ottinger on the show today to discuss that very thing and you're going to love this episode. An introduction to trauma and all that goes with it, today on the ETC Podcast.

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