[E60] When Grief Gets in the Way of Gratitude with Rocky Anthony

Episode 60 November 23, 2021 00:32:45
[E60] When Grief Gets in the Way of Gratitude with Rocky Anthony
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E60] When Grief Gets in the Way of Gratitude with Rocky Anthony

Nov 23 2021 | 00:32:45


Show Notes

This Thanksgiving week, we wanted to recognize that sometimes grief gets in the way of gratitude - it comes uninvited into our lives all the time and we need to know how to walk through it when it comes.
Therapist Rocky Anthony discusses what grief is and how we begin to process it in our personal lives, relationships and with kids - Rocky lays out the big picture and some beautifully practical things we can begin doing to walk ourselves and our people through grief and loss. This is an incredibly helpful episode as we begin (at least here in the US) the gauntlet of family holiday gatherings.
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