[E59] Together: A Conversation with the Adoption Triad

Episode 59 November 16, 2021 01:46:48
[E59] Together: A Conversation with the Adoption Triad
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E59] Together: A Conversation with the Adoption Triad

Nov 16 2021 | 01:46:48


Show Notes

TOGETHER: The Adoption Triad; A Shared Redemptive Story of Love, Loss and Longing

What if instead of being separated into our corners of the triad focusing on what makes us different we found ourselves drawn together through our similarities? Join us on this episode where Tona is joined by her dear friends Carissa Woodwyk and Ashley Mitchell. Together they represent the three parts of the adoption triad in all of its brokenness, beauty, pain and possibility. This conversation is courageous, bold, heartfelt, and raw as it invites us to reimagine moving TOGETHER towards connection, hope, healing and wholeness. 

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