[E61] Preparing Your Family for Your Family with the ETC Team

Episode 61 November 30, 2021 01:22:19
[E61] Preparing Your Family for Your Family with the ETC Team
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E61] Preparing Your Family for Your Family with the ETC Team

Nov 30 2021 | 01:22:19


Show Notes

With Thanksgiving behind us, we're officially in full 'Holiday Season' mode. For some of us, it's the most wonderful time of the year - for others, it's very much not. The Holidays can be hard, especially if you throw kids (not to mention this pesky global pandemic) into the dynamic. As we prepare for a month of gatherings, get togethers and family traditions, we thought it'd be wise to share this episode again today. 

Today's episode originally aired nearly one year ago, so you'll hear some '2020' language related to Covid protocols that were haappening at the time, but the message remains - we've got to prepare our family for our family this Holiday season. ETC Staff people Jesse Faris, Mo Ottinger and Tona Ottinger join us to talk about how to prepare for a season that can be challenging on our kids (and us) to say the least!

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