[E56] Let's Talk About Transitions with the ETC Team

Episode 56 October 25, 2021 00:46:10
[E56] Let's Talk About Transitions with the ETC Team
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E56] Let's Talk About Transitions with the ETC Team

Oct 25 2021 | 00:46:10


Show Notes

Picture this: you're enjoying a beautiful day in your neighborhood park. Kids are running around having fun, adults are getting a rare moment to talk to each other - it's euphoric...and then it's time to leave. Cue the meltdown.
We all face them in life, so let's just talk about them - transitions. They might be daily, seasonal or major life transitions, but they're all capable of tripping us up in the right conditions. That goes for us - AND our children. We pulled ETC Staffers Becca McKay and Jesse Faris in to explain why transitions can be SO hard for some of us and our kids and to give us some practical, everyday advice for how to handle them a little smoother.
Check it out and let us know what you think!
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