[E76] Attachment: A Two Way Street in Relationships

Episode 76 March 22, 2022 00:39:32
[E76] Attachment: A Two Way Street in Relationships
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E76] Attachment: A Two Way Street in Relationships

Mar 22 2022 | 00:39:32


Show Notes

Mo & Tona Ottinger join JD to talk about the huge shock we all felt as new parents learning that attachment is a two way street, not a finite 'start and finish' interaction. Why do our own histories and patterns of attachment matter in parenting children? How does that affect our kids and their attachment patterns and styles and what if it's too late to form a strong attachment with my child??

(Spoiler: it's never too late)

Hear Mo and Tona share powerful stories from their early parenting journey, marriage and relationships in this episode of the ETC Podcast!

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