[E26] When Self Care Doesn't Cut It with Carissa Woodwyk

Episode 26 February 16, 2021 00:57:36
[E26] When Self Care Doesn't Cut It with Carissa Woodwyk
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[E26] When Self Care Doesn't Cut It with Carissa Woodwyk

Feb 16 2021 | 00:57:36


Show Notes

Self care is a hot topic these days - in fact, it's been a topic of conversation on our show several times. What happens, though, when your self care doesn't cut it? When you still find yourself empty and searching for what you need to care for your people well? Marriage and Family Therapist and longtime friend of ETC Carissa Woodwyk joins us to talk about how we have to move beyond self care to self compassion to be whole. 

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