[E142] What We Wish All Parents Knew with Mike and Kristin Berry from The Honestly Adoption Company

Episode 142 May 23, 2023 00:45:13
[E142] What We Wish All Parents Knew with Mike and Kristin Berry from The Honestly Adoption Company
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E142] What We Wish All Parents Knew with Mike and Kristin Berry from The Honestly Adoption Company

May 23 2023 | 00:45:13


Show Notes

On today's episode of the Empowered to Connect podcast, we delve into the inspiring parenting journey of Mike and Kristin Berry, the founders of The Honestly Adoption Company.In this heartfelt conversation, Mike and Kristin share their personal experiences as adoptive parents, opening up about the challenges, joys, and transformative moments they encountered along the way.

With their unique blend of vulnerability, wisdom, and humor, they provide invaluable insights into the world of adoption and foster care, offering encouragement and practical strategies for families navigating similar paths. Hear Mike and Kristin tell the story of the origins of The Honestly Adoption Company, a caregiving resource creator and community dedicated to equipping and empowering adoptive and foster parents. Hear how Mike and Kristin's own journey inspired them to create this powerful platform, providing a wealth of resources, training, and support to families worldwide.

No matter where you are in your parenting journey, this episode will leave you inspired and equipped to walk the road to connection and attachment with the kiddos in your life. Mike and Kristin share their hard-earned wisdom, reminding us that love, connection, and resilience can truly transform lives.Don't miss out on this incredible conversation! Join us and listen to Mike and Kristin Berry on the Empowered to Connect podcast. For more information about how to follow the Berry's, their work and resources, visit honestlyadoption.com. To check out the link Mike referenced, check it out here: http://honestlyadoption.com/gettrauma101

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