[E25] There is No Such Thing as Self-Regulation with Robyn Gobbel

Episode 25 February 09, 2021 01:00:15
[E25] There is No Such Thing as Self-Regulation with Robyn Gobbel
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[E25] There is No Such Thing as Self-Regulation with Robyn Gobbel

Feb 09 2021 | 01:00:15


Show Notes

Our guest today got our attention when she wrote a blog post entitled "Self Regulation Doesn't Exist" (you should definitely read it)! Robyn Gobbel is a therapist, speaker, podcast host, webinar creator and more and she joins us today to do a deep dive into the topic of self regulation and what is actually happening in the brain when we are distressed and then brought back in to regulation. You'll also hear Robyn call this phrase by a different name that helps bring clarity to what is actually happening when we help our kids (or our grownups) learn to regulate.

To learn more about Robyn's work and to check out her podcast as well as the amazing collection of resources she's compiled, visit her website here and don't miss out on signing up for Parenting after Trauma: Minding the Heart and Brain. Registration opens on the 16th for this powerful online, self-paced course www.robyngobbel.com/parentcourse

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