[E141] How to be Strong Like Water with Aundi Kolber

Episode 139 May 16, 2023 01:04:09
[E141] How to be Strong Like Water with Aundi Kolber
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E141] How to be Strong Like Water with Aundi Kolber

May 16 2023 | 01:04:09


Show Notes

Prepare for a remarkable episode of the Empowered to Connect podcast as we explore the transformative pages of Aundi Kolber's book, "Strong Like Water." This captivating work not only acknowledges the courage it takes to survive but also equips readers with practical tools to transition from mere coping to embodying true strength.In "Strong Like Water," Aundi Kolber's voice rises like a wise and gentle guide, resonating with those navigating their own deep waters. With profound insight and compassion, she calls forth your inner strength  and resilience.

Join us as we dive into "Strong Like Water" and uncover the transformative wisdom it holds. Aundi's practical tools and heartfelt guidance will empower you to rise above, embracing your own resilience and gaining the embodied strength needed to navigate life's journey. Don't miss this inspiring conversation as we explore the transformative power of Aundi Kolber's "Strong Like Water."

You can find Aundi online @AundiKolber on Instagram and you can buy her book on any major platform (though a local bookstore would be preferable)!

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