[E21] Thriving Through the Holidays

Episode 21 December 01, 2020 00:26:52
[E21] Thriving Through the Holidays
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E21] Thriving Through the Holidays

Dec 01 2020 | 00:26:52


Show Notes

It's the Holiday Season - time for spending too much, eating too much and reaching our wit's end as we attempt to 'just survive' this season with our kids! Just me? 

This year, let's change our mindset as we go into the home stretch of the holiday season and talk about how we can thrive as families (and individuals). We've got ETC Parent Trainer Jesse Faris and Mo and Tona Ottinger on to talk about some simple practices, reminders and tips to help your family thrive through the holidays!

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