[E52] Build Bridges Instead of Walls with Dr. Jim Henry

Episode 52 September 28, 2021 00:41:58
[E52] Build Bridges Instead of Walls with Dr. Jim Henry
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E52] Build Bridges Instead of Walls with Dr. Jim Henry

Sep 28 2021 | 00:41:58


Show Notes

Dr. Jim Henry is one of the most fascinating people you will ever meet. He is a Professor at Western Michigan University and the Program Director of the Children's Trauma Assessment Center. For over 20 years, Dr. Henry has been sitting with and hearing the stories of precious children from across the country who have survived unimaginable things. 

How, then, can Dr. Henry still be doing this work?? We asked Dr. Henry to be with us today to give some insight into what has allowed him to continue to be completely present with children and how he protects himself from burnout. Dr. Henry explains the importance of building bridges from our hearts to those around us instead of walls around our hearts that seal us off from the outside world in relationship. Trust us - this is not an episode you want to miss!

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