[E140] "Why I Hate Mother's Day" with Tori Hope Petersen and Becca McKay

Episode 140 May 09, 2023 00:45:00
[E140] "Why I Hate Mother's Day" with Tori Hope Petersen and Becca McKay
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E140] "Why I Hate Mother's Day" with Tori Hope Petersen and Becca McKay

May 09 2023 | 00:45:00


Show Notes

Today on the Empowered to Connect podcast, we are joined by Becca McKay and Tori Hope Petersen as they share their personal stories of how Mother's Day can be a difficult and painful experience for them. Both Becca and Tori have experienced significant grief and loss related to their childhood mothers, and in this conversation, they courageously open up about the complexities of navigating this holiday as adults who have been impacted by trauma, adversity, grief and loss - some of which has occurred ON Mother's Day for them.

Tori, who is the author of the book "Fostered," shares her journey of growing up in the foster care system and the many ways in which this has shaped her understanding of motherhood. Becca, who is also an advocate for foster care and adoption, speaks candidly about her own experiences of loss and how these have impacted her and the way she interacts with everyone in her life.

Together, Becca and Tori offer a unique perspective on the challenges that come with Mother's Day, and they provide valuable insights into how individuals and communities can support those who may be struggling during this time. Whether you have a personal connection to grief and loss, the foster care system or are simply looking to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of Mother's Day, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore this important topic with two incredible women who have truly lived it.

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