[E88] Connecting Practice: Balance Nurture & Structure

Episode 88 June 14, 2022 00:47:27
[E88] Connecting Practice: Balance Nurture & Structure
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E88] Connecting Practice: Balance Nurture & Structure

Jun 14 2022 | 00:47:27


Show Notes

Today's episode is a foundational one. In the world of connected parenting, one of the primary ways we give our kids what they need is to balance the amount of nurture and structure given. Stereotypically, 'traditional' parenting tends to rely on an intense amount of structure, but can lack on nurture - while 'new age' parenting tends to rely on very high nurture, but lacks boundaries and structure in place to help give kids predictability.

We all tend to go to one side or another naturally, so today we asked Jesse Faris and Becca McKay from the ETC Team to help us with some practical strategies and ideas for how to balance giving structure when needed and nurture when needed. 

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