[E145] Connecting Practice: How to Balance Nurture and Structure

Episode 145 June 13, 2023 00:39:07
[E145] Connecting Practice: How to Balance Nurture and Structure
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E145] Connecting Practice: How to Balance Nurture and Structure

Jun 13 2023 | 00:39:07


Show Notes

Today on the Empowered to Connect Podcast, we are joined by Todd and Brandy Baumann, two remarkable people who bring a unique blend of expertise and compassion to the world of parenting and caregiving. Todd, an engineer, and Brandy, the coordinator for True Vine Ministries, serving foster and adoptive families at their church, share their insights on on why balancing nurture and structure quickly became their favorite connecting practice in our Cultivate Connection Parenting Course!

If you've ever approached the worlds of connected parenting, gentle parenting, attachment-based parenting, etc you'll know this is an absolutely foundational skill to learn. One common misnomer in our way of parenting is that it's all nurture - that discipline and structure go out the window. Well, we're here today to remind you that's not true at all! 

Todd's analytical approach as an engineer, combined with Brandy's deep understanding of the needs of foster and adoptive families, creates a powerful synergy that informs their insights on finding the right balance. Together, they share what they've learned about providing the right balance of nurture and structure - we believe it will empower you to connect with your children on a deeper level and promote healthy growth!

Reminder - if you haven't already purchased your Connecting Practices Handbook, you can do that as well as check out thousands of other resources and ways to connect to ETC from our website today!

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