[E80] Changing Systems: The Fight Against Human Trafficking with Coasy Hale

Episode 80 April 19, 2022 00:41:24
[E80] Changing Systems: The Fight Against Human Trafficking with Coasy Hale
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E80] Changing Systems: The Fight Against Human Trafficking with Coasy Hale

Apr 19 2022 | 00:41:24


Show Notes

Our guest today works with an incredible organization leading the charge to end human trafficking and care for survivors of it. Coasy Hale is the Director of Survivor Services at Restore Corps - a non-profit organization in Memphis, TN doing everything from working to introduce new legislation to therapeutically receiving survivors into care to begin the road to recovery. We talked with Coasy about how Restore Corps has transformed their care for survivors as they've learned about trauma and the brain and how that knowledge has also affected how their team cares for each other. DO - NOT - MISS this episode, you're going to love hearing from Coasy!

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