[E31] The Power of Saying YES!

Episode 31 March 23, 2021 00:54:13
[E31] The Power of Saying YES!
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E31] The Power of Saying YES!

Mar 23 2021 | 00:54:13


Show Notes

As anyone with Netflix has seen in the last week or two, there's a famous ETC Principle in the newest Jennifer Garner movie - The Yes Day. No, ETC didn't make a movie, but there is lots to learn from the movie! JD, Tona and Mo sit down to talk about one of the most foundational principles in the ETC world - the power of saying yes. 

"Isn't that just permissive parenting!?" "If you give these kids an inch, they're ALWAYS going to take a mile." "We aren't trying to spoil our kids." All very common responses to the principle of giving our kids 'yes' often. Yet research and experience from 15 years of ETC Parent Training will tell you otherwise. Join JD, Mo and Tona and learn why 'Yes' is a superpower in your parenting arsenal!

During the interview we reference several different resources on this topic - below we've linked those articles as well as some other resources from ETC on the Power of YES: 


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