[E159] How to Advocate for your Kids in Youth Sports

Episode 159 September 19, 2023 00:43:56
[E159] How to Advocate for your Kids in Youth Sports
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[E159] How to Advocate for your Kids in Youth Sports

Sep 19 2023 | 00:43:56


Show Notes

Today Josh and Ava Conley join us to discuss the intersection of youth sports and parenting. When choosing to parent through lenses of attachment and connection, sports can be one of the toughest activities to figure out. How should you approach a coach when there's a complaint or a request to serve your child in a different way? How do we prepare our kids for these environments, how do we prepare coaches and those teams to embrace families whose skin colors or ethnic backgrounds don't match? We're glad you asked! 

As you can imagine, because this world is so broad with so many different nuances based on sport, age, etc, we tried to fly above the clouds on this episode! Josh has an extensive sports background, having played and coached at nearly every level of sport from pee wee leagues to collegiate athletics - combine that with Ava's black belt martial arts background and you've got a recipe for great conversation!


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