[E11] The Power of Asking Why with Tom and Dawn Jordi

Episode 11 September 22, 2020 00:29:19
[E11] The Power of Asking Why with Tom and Dawn Jordi
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E11] The Power of Asking Why with Tom and Dawn Jordi

Sep 22 2020 | 00:29:19


Show Notes

Our first intercontinental guests come to us from Johannesburg, South Africa! Tom and Dawn Jordi  join us to talk about their family's adoption journey, Tom's work as a trauma certified counselor in schools and the power of asking why when we see concerning behavior in our kiddos. Tom and Dawn are two of the most likable human beings on the planet and you'll love hearing their story and the wisdom they've got to share as we all work build stronger connection with the kids we care for!

You can follow the Jordis via their blog here or listen to their podcast here!

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