[E10] Exploring & Navigating Racial Trauma with LPC Britney Bryson

Episode 10 September 15, 2020 00:35:01
[E10] Exploring & Navigating Racial Trauma with LPC Britney Bryson
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[E10] Exploring & Navigating Racial Trauma with LPC Britney Bryson

Sep 15 2020 | 00:35:01


Show Notes

Britney Bryson is an LPC at the University of Memphis and at her private practice working with teens and young adults. Doing so in 2020 is no easy task and Britney joins us to talk about the challenges that come with it. We talk through navigating racial trauma, a heated election season and how we move forward building unity and relationships across natural dividing lines. Britney ends the show by sharing a powerful story about a summer experience she had and what we can all learn from it.

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