[E57] Robyn Gobbel Crossover Episode!

Episode 57 November 02, 2021 00:52:40
[E57] Robyn Gobbel Crossover Episode!
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E57] Robyn Gobbel Crossover Episode!

Nov 02 2021 | 00:52:40


Show Notes

It's a special episode of the ETC Podcast today! A few weeks ago, one of our favorite people, Robyn Gobbel, sat down with our host JD Wilson to talk about moving from correction-based parenting to connection-based parenting for her podcast. They talked about how hard the transition can be, the letdown of realizing you're not the parent you wanted to be and how to begin again by building trust and connection with your self and your kids. The conversation was so fun and encouraging that we wanted to share it here with our audience as well!

It's a must listen for all parents who have ever felt the despair of not knowing what to do or the hope of finding a new way to parent. Get to know our host, JD, from the OTHER side of the microphone in this special Crossover edition of the Empowered to Connect Podcast and the Parenting After Trauma Podcast!

To learn more about Robyn's work and to check out her podcast as well as the amazing collection of resources she's compiled, visit her website here and don't forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook as well!

To learn more about Empowered to Connect, visit us on our website, find us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or check out all of our podcast episodes and video resources on YouTube!

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