[E119] How to Prepare Your Family for Your Family [Replay of E22]

Episode 119 December 13, 2022 01:22:44
[E119] How to Prepare Your Family for Your Family [Replay of E22]
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E119] How to Prepare Your Family for Your Family [Replay of E22]

Dec 13 2022 | 01:22:44


Show Notes

Well it's THAT time of year again - traveling, decorating, celebrating and freaking out because you're not sure how Aunt so and so will do when one of your kids needs a minute to calm down. Fear not! We've talked about this before and are replaying one of our most helpful holiday episodes to help you navigate this season!

Today we joined forces with ETC Parent Trainer Jesse Faris and Tona Ottinger to talk about how to prepare for the holidays before, during and after your interactions with family. Have no idea how to prep for meltdowns? Wondering how your kids are processing their time together? We've got you covered.

We've also linked a blog here below that was written a few years ago (pre-Covid) that could be some help as well - check it out! 


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