[E74] Brain-Body Parenting with Mona Delahooke!

Episode 74 March 08, 2022 00:47:10
[E74] Brain-Body Parenting with Mona Delahooke!
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[E74] Brain-Body Parenting with Mona Delahooke!

Mar 08 2022 | 00:47:10


Show Notes

In case you've missed the exciting news, one of our favorite authors on planet Earth, Mona Delahooke, has a new book that comes out NEXT WEEK (March 15th, 2022)! Mona joined us to tell us all about the new book and walk us through what she calls the 'bottom-up' approach to understanding the nervous system-brain connection. We talk about behaviors as indicators of needs being expressed and how when we (along with our kids) understand these dynamics, we can help them to thrive in life. 

Mona is one of the most brilliant, engaging and compassionate voices in the parenting world and you will LOVE listening to her talk about this stuff.

To preorder 'Brain-Body Parenting' click here - to check out all of the other incredible work she's done, check out her website here!

You can learn more about ETC by checking out empoweredtoconnect.org, following @empoweredtoconnect on Instagram or liking our page on Facebook!

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