[E108] Sheila Wise Rowe on Healing Racial Trauma

Episode 108 October 25, 2022 00:46:52
[E108] Sheila Wise Rowe on Healing Racial Trauma
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[E108] Sheila Wise Rowe on Healing Racial Trauma

Oct 25 2022 | 00:46:52


Show Notes

Sheila Wise Rowe is a brilliant author, speaker, thinker and guest on today's episode! She is the author of two incredible books: Healing Racial Trauma: The Road to Resilience and Young, Gifted and Black, a Journey of Lament and Celebration (both incredible books that you should add to your library right now). Sheila joins us to define racial trauma and speaks to how we need to understand racial trauma in our own history as parents before we can lead our children to healing. 

We cover a LOT in this episode and whether it's talking about her own experience being part of bussing integration efforts in Boston or giving advice to transracial adoptive families, you won't want to miss what Sheila brings to the episode today!

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