[E96] Connecting Practice: Repair, Reflect, Readjust

Episode 96 August 03, 2022 00:37:46
[E96] Connecting Practice: Repair, Reflect, Readjust
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[E96] Connecting Practice: Repair, Reflect, Readjust

Aug 03 2022 | 00:37:46


Show Notes

When it comes to parenting (and being in any kind of human relationship) - one of the most insanely humbling and difficult practices is repairing a rupture in the relationship. Maybe you've wronged the other person - maybe you were the one wronged - either way, the process of repairing often requires more than an 'I'm sorry'. Compound this difficulty with previous experiences with trauma, adversity and stress and you've got yourself a recipe for...well...being a human in this world. It's difficult. It's complicated. It's absolutely essential if you want to build or maintain a trusting, real relationship in this world. 

That's why we brought ETC training specialist Jesse Faris and co-writer of Cultivate Connection Becca McKay in to talk about how we repair relational ruptures with our kids and each other. There are some invaluable practical stories of how this plays out as well as a road map for a process to begin those repairs. 

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