[E46] How Do I Handle Manipulation and Control? A Deep Dive

Episode 46 June 29, 2021 00:37:19
[E46] How Do I Handle Manipulation and Control? A Deep Dive
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E46] How Do I Handle Manipulation and Control? A Deep Dive

Jun 29 2021 | 00:37:19


Show Notes

One of our most watched YouTube videos of all time features Dr. Karyn Purvis giving parents and caregivers some advice about how to handle manipulation and control from their kiddos. There's a reason 160,000 people have watched this video - the content is gold. 

Today on the show, Tona Ottinger and JD Wilson from ETC sit down to do a deep dive on the ideas Dr. Purvis lays out in the video. How does this play out in everyday life? Tona and JD share practical tools and tips for understanding and redirecting our kids who may be using manipulation and control as an adaptive strategy for survival. 

To watch the full video from Dr. Purvis, click here. To learn more about ETC, check out our website and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube!

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