[E127] How Do I Handle Sibling Conflict in My Home?

Episode 127 February 21, 2023 00:42:55
[E127] How Do I Handle Sibling Conflict in My Home?
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[E127] How Do I Handle Sibling Conflict in My Home?

Feb 21 2023 | 00:42:55


Show Notes

Do you have siblings who seem to be in conflict constantly in your home? Good, none of us do either! For the people who DO have sibling conflict happening often, this episode is for you! While we joke, the reality is, when dealing with consistent sibling fighting/conflict, it can feel like there's no end in sight. That's why we brought Dr. Matt Smith and Therapist Lauren Wantz on to discuss how to approach this type of issue. 

While there's no quick fix or instant solution, the great news is that there is a lot to examine and try when it comes to addressing sibling issues. Dr. Smith and Lauren give us an inside look at what could be happening philosophically as well as some very practical tips and tools for you to have at your disposal as you address these issues going forward!


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