[E66] Throwback Episode: Therapy Redeemed with Cam Lee Small [E55 Replay]

Episode 66 January 11, 2022 00:36:28
[E66] Throwback Episode: Therapy Redeemed with Cam Lee Small [E55 Replay]
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E66] Throwback Episode: Therapy Redeemed with Cam Lee Small [E55 Replay]

Jan 11 2022 | 00:36:28


Show Notes

One of the most highly commented on episodes of the year featured a guest we admire greatly. That person is therapist, speaker, teacher, advocate and so much more - Cam Lee Small. We've long admired his work on social media (@TherapyRedeemed on Instagram) and after meeting him for this conversation our respect and admiration of him has skyrocketed. Cam takes us into the world of mental health and adoptees and how his work both counseling and advocating for adoptees has shone light on his own story. You won't want to miss his candor and insight!

You can learn more about Cam's work on his website, Instagram or Facebook page!

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