[E4] The Valuable Process of Unlearning with Jacque Rowe Fields

Episode 4 August 03, 2020 00:33:32
[E4] The Valuable Process of Unlearning with Jacque Rowe Fields
Empowered to Connect Podcast
[E4] The Valuable Process of Unlearning with Jacque Rowe Fields

Aug 03 2020 | 00:33:32


Show Notes

Episode 4 of the ETC Podcast is with one of our favorite friends of the program! Jacque Rowe Fields (aka Mrs. Jacque as most know her) has spent her professional life in the world of education. Mrs. Jacque has an incredible, diverse set of experiences to pull from everywhere from historically black neighborhoods in her hometown of Memphis to being the Dean of Students at a Norwegian Private College in Michigan. 


Jacque talks to us about what the process of unlearning, parenting African-American children in diverse environments and what one of her children told her he wished she would have prepared him for - it's a really great conversation and we think you're going to love it!


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